February 15, 2016

Family Law



The videos below contain general legal information about Virginia Family law.  The Family law in other states may be different.  Consult with an attorney for advice specific to your case.


Uncontested Divorce Virginia Law

Divorce is one of the many aspects of Family Law. How do you get divorced in Virginia? What does it mean to have an uncontested or contested divorce? This video discusses your options in pursuing a divorce from your partner. It also describes ways to handle custody, visitation, and division of property when pursuing a divorce.


Custody Law in Virginia

Family Law also includes custody cases. Which parent will have custody of a child when parents separate? What does custody mean? This video describes what physical and legal custody mean in regards to parenting time and parents’ rights in making major decisions for the child.


Child Support in Virginia

Who is responsible for paying child support? Are there restrictions on how the money is spent? This video describes how child support operates in Virginia once two parents have separated. It also discusses some of the factors courts consider in awarding child support.